SPCH275 Week 3 Discussion (dq1+dq2) Latest November 2018

SPCH275 Public Speaking

Week 3 Discussion

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This week, you will conduct an informal peer review of your classmates’ Week 2 speeches. The first step is sharing your own speech for review. If your video is not viewable in the Media Gallery of our course or in VoiceThread, please post a link here.

Then, using the feedback methods discussed in this week’s lesson, please choose two of your fellow students’ speeches to watch, and provide constructive feedback to the speakers.

Speakers: when you receive feedback, please be sure to follow the guidelines in this week’s lesson to truly listen to your fellow students’ feedback before responding. Don’t forget to express gratitude for the feedback in your response.


Share an example of someone you find to be a charismatic speaker. This could be a stand-up comic, a politician, or someone you know personally, like a boss or a family member. What traits does he or she exhibit that leads to being a charismatic speaker? Strong eye contact? A commanding voice? A warm personality? Please use specific examples to help illustrate your response.

Finally, please remember that one aspect of being a charismatic speaker is to increase your vocal variety. Watch the following video. Then post your own short (30 to 45 second) video to this discussion. That posted video should show your most “charismatic voice”! And make sure you apply these skills when you deliver your informative speech.

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