SPCH275 Public Speaking


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Your last presentation is a short speech (2 to 4 minutes) that should demonstrate your mastery (or something close to it) of public speaking. Presentational aids are optional for this speech, but are not required.

You may use this opportunity to try using the impromptu delivery style, rather than the extemporaneous. There will be many moments in your work career, starting with the actual job interview, where critical thinking on one’s feet will be required. The impromptu delivery style is good practice for these moments, when you are asked to report at a meeting or have to speak spontaneously about work experience or what you can contribute to a certain company, position, team, and so forth. Impromptu speaking requires the same skills of organization that you would use in an extemporaneous speech, but most of it is delivered with little or no opportunity for practice ahead of time. You have enough speaking experience now under your belt to give it a try if you wish.

Here are sample questions that may be used if you want to try the impromptu speech.

How would you spend lottery winnings?

What charity or cause would you support?

If you were able to travel to a time or place in history, where would you go?

What is one challenge you have faced?

What is your favorite book, video game, television show, or song?

Where would you like to take a vacation?

What is a current event that interests you?

Whom do you admire?

What was your most embarrassing moment?

What is your dream job?

What is the worst or best job that you have ever had?

Whatever topic you select, try to relax and have fun with this speech. It’s the last one, and you have come a long way; show me what you can do.

No outline is required for this speech.

Watch this video to learn the tools you need to present a well-organized, confident impromptu speech.

Instructions for Recording: You have several different options for recording your presentations for this course. Click on Modules in your Canvas course, under Course Resources, then click on Access Student Resource Center. There you will find Kaltura, a platform that will allow you to record, send, and upload presentations to our course. These platform requires a built-in webcam on your computer or tablet. If you need additional help with the platform, please call the DeVry Help Desk. Although submitting a cell phone video is an option, it is not ideal as the recording is often not of the best quality. Creating a YouTube account and submitting a YouTube link is acceptable as well.


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