Technology Article Assignment

Technology Article Assignment


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During lunch break, one of your colleagues mentions that he is leaving early to speak with his daughter’s school Principal. She has apparently been experiencing some cyber bullying by other classmates on a social networking site. He mentions he feels that computers are doing more harm to society than good. 

You think that more parents need to be aware of the impact of technology, including social networking, on society. You decide to write a short article for your local newspaper.

The requirements for your article are:

· Headline: be creative to catch people’s attention.

· Lead Paragraph:  an introduction to your article.

· Explanation paragraphs detailing:

o The positive and negative effects of social networking on society. 

o At least two other advances in information technology and the impacts they have had on on culture and society.

o An explanation of how those impacts have been good or bad. 

· Resource information:  at least 2 references and in-text citations.

· Length: 2-3 pages.

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