TOPIC: Leadership Competency/Style

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A leader has a responsibility to create a vision, provide opportunities for growth and sustainability, as well as foster an environment for accountability, creativity, and satisfaction.  The best leaders study leadership theories, competencies, and identify their own leadership style/s. The great leaders seek continual leadership growth. 

As a leader, you will be called upon to present ideas, apprise stakeholders of organizational findings, as well as communicate policy, future visions, and projected needs. Also, as a leader, you will find various situations where a particular leadership competency is necessary to successfully navigate certain scenarios. Understanding personal leadership style will increase your ability to create a satisfactory environment and know your fit within an organization. To deepen analysis, gain new perspectives, and apply relevant findings, you will be responsible for presenting and facilitating a poster presentation.  In addition to increasing your understanding of various leadership content, you will also have an opportunity to professionally engage in a leadership role.

prepare a poster presentation.

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