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ADVENT TERM 2023-2024

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Business Education Department

Tourism – Grade 12

Project – group video presentation

Objective: Students will incorporate all the objectives covered so far (reasons why people travel, basic needs of a tourist, tourism products, types of tourism) to demonstrate understanding and application of the content and concepts.

Scenario: You work in the tourism industry as a _____________________________.

Instructions: In groups of 2/3 you are required to make a video where you will be in full character of the job assigned. (
someone in the group can be the customer etc, everyone in the group MUST be in the video and is dressed the part of the role being displayed)

In your video you should:

Make a 1 – 2 minute commercial selling the BVI to tourists, incorporating your job/position as a selling point.

In your video you should:

· Describe your job and say how your position affects the tourist industry.

· Explain what type of tourism your job/position deals with.

· Identify what type(s) of tourists you deal with most frequently and state ONE (1) reason why you think that is the case.

· Identify which basic need your job/position supplies for the tourists.

Total 30 points


Content (9 points)

Clarity of message: Is the video’s main message or purpose clear?
(3 points)

Relevance: Does the content align with the intended topic or theme?
(2 points)

Depth of content: Does the video provide a substantial and meaningful exploration of the subject matter?
(4 points)

Creativity (6 points)

Originality: Is the video creative and innovative in its approach?
(1 point)

Visual storytelling: How well does the video use visuals, graphics, and other creative elements to convey the message?
(1 point)

Engagement: Does the video capture and maintain the viewer’s attention?
(1 point)

Relevance to the target audience: Does the video effectively connect with its intended viewers?
(1 point)

Call to action: Does the video prompt the audience to take any specific action or engage in further discussion?
(1 point)

Does the video evoke emotions or create a meaningful impact on the audience?
(1 point)

Production Quality (5 points)

Video and audio quality: Is the video visually and audibly clear and well-produced?
(2 points)

Editing: Is the video well-edited with smooth transitions, cuts, and pacing? Do the visuals maintain a consistent style and tone throughout the video?
(2 points)

Use of technology: Does the video effectively use technology or special effects, if relevant?
(1 point)

Clarity and Organization (5 points)

Structure: Is the video organized logically with a clear beginning, middle, and end?
(3 points)

Flow: Are the ideas presented in a coherent and easily understandable manner?
(2 points)

Narration and Script (2 points)

Clarity of voiceover or dialogue: Is the narration or spoken content easy to understand and well-delivered?
(1 point)

Script quality: Is the script well-written, with proper grammar and engaging language?
(1 point)

Adherence to Guidelines (2 points)

Length: Does the video meet the specified time duration?
(1 point)

Compliance: Does the video follow the specific requirements or guidelines provided?
(1 point)

Bonus Points (1 point)

Any particularly unique or creative elements that deserve recognition.

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