Unit 2 Assignment: Newspaper Article

Unit 2 Assignment: Newspaper Article

Compose a newspaper article

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Knowing the stories behind the people in World War II, write a newspaper article of at least 400 words from the perspective of one of the people during that time.

  • You can choose to write from the perspective of one of the following characters:
    • a German soldier
    • a Japanese-American citizen
    • a Russian soldier
    • an American woman working to support the troops
    • a British citizen living in London during the bombings, or
    • a Government Official making decisions about their country’s activity in the war
  • What do you want the rest of the world to know about your experience as that person during WWII?
  • Explain why you think the way you do as that person.

Make sure you use evidence to support the facts and actual events referenced in your article. 

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