8-1 Discussion: Awareness of Cognitive Bias

Humans are inherently biased, so a successful business analyst should be able to minimize bias while working with data. Cognitive biases play a significant (though often unacknowledged) role in how we understand the world around us and are present when analyzing data.

In your initial post, address the following:

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  • From the video resource discussing twelve cognitive biases, what are two or three biases you may be prone to in your analyses for this course?
  • How are they likely to affect your analyses and recommendations?
  • How can this impact how you present your findings to your manager?
    • Is it enough to simply show the numbers or a graph and expect the reader to glean the same meaning as you have? Explain.
  • How might you compensate for these biases in how you explain the results of your analysis or how you use or don’t use graphs and other visuals?

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