CT Oral Arguments Paper – Define why your chosen issue

CT Oral Arguments Paper


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“Specifically, the paper should provide a well-evidenced critical argument following this 4 point outline in 5 pages:

  1. Define why your chosen issue is a ‘social problem’ by documenting the magnitude (number affected) and scope (who is affected)of the issue.
  2. Explain how the historical ideologies (chose only 2 from this list) described in Jimenez, Chapter 3, (U.S. Exceptionalism, individualism, independence, Protestant Work Ethic, self-reliance, upward mobility, equal opportunity) influenced the extent to which America has treated your selected topic (Elder Income Supports) as a social problem. 
  3. Describe two current social policies designed to address it. 
  4. If we are to fulfill social work’s social justice mission, what sort of social policy approach (i.e. laws, programs, budgetary allocations) is needed to address this social problem? In other words, what is your best policy recommendation to address your social problem and why.” 

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