DBM Week 5 – Imagine that you have the educational background

DBM Week 5

Database Administrator

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Imagine that you have the educational background, skills, and abilities

to be a database administrator. The XYZ company recently announced

a vacancy for a database administrator position, and you are very

interested because XYZ is known as a high-paying employer that is

enjoyable to work for. Because a security breach at XYZ recently made

the news, XYZ’s job posting has requested all applicants to include in

their cover letter a brief description of how he or she would approach

data security if awarded the position.

Research the qualifications necessary to obtain a database

administrator position.

Read “Cover Letter Workshop – Formatting and Organization” from Purdue Online Writing Lab

Write a 2-page cover letter briefly describing your (fictional)

database administrator-related qualifications and outlining the reasons

you believe you are the best candidate for the job. Your cover letter

must include:

• A description of your education and database-related work


• Note: this description will likely not match your own actual

education and experience. You will need to research and include the

education and work experience appropriate to a successful candidate

for a database administrator position unless your own personal

background qualifies you for a database administrator position

• Your philosophy and approach to backing up relational data

• Your philosophy and several approaches to securing relational data

and a rationale for each approach

• Address your cover letter to Mr. Ben Smith, Director of Human


Submit your cover letter. 

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