Employee Motivation – For instance, is it a fast food restaurant

Employee Motivation

For this assignment, consider a business – any business that has employees (assume a staff of at least 5 employees). You are either the owner or the manager in charge of these employees. Describe the business and the work environment

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  • For instance, is it a fast food restaurant in downtown Charlottesville or a small retail store in Nelson County, etc.
  • Describe how busy it is and the size of the company
  • What type of employees are on your staff    
    • Part time students
    • Full time locals that have been there for years
    • A mixture of different types, etc.

Then describe a plan about how you would motivate your employees. You should use some of the terminology and concepts from Module 8 (and the PowerPoint slides). Talk about how you will address intrinsic and/or extrinsic motivation and why these decisions will help with your particular group of employees. You can discuss any of the theories and which you agree with most and why.

This paper will likely be longer than your others so I would expect it to be closer to 2 full pages and maybe three pages for those who write longer explanations.

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