Module X: Academic Language

Module X Discussion – Academic Language 

  1. Include your subject/grade and the general topic in the title of your thread. (For example, “Algebra II – Quadratic Functions”). This will let others in the class know what the focus of your plan is before opening the thread.

2. Choose one of the lessons you will use in your Unit Plan. Respond to the following questions:

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  • What language function is essential for students to develop conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and mathematical reasoning/problem-solving within your lesson?
  • Describe or provide a copy of the learning task or activity from your lesson plan that provides students with opportunities to practice using the language function.
  • What vocabulary and/or symbols are students required to understand and/or use in the task or activity described in part b?
  • How will students engage in discourse in your lesson?
  • How will you support students to understand, develop, and use the language demands described above? For example, what strategies will you utilize to promote their understanding and use of vocabulary? How will you structure activities to support students to engage in discourse (e.g., use a think-pair-share strategy)?

After posting your response: In your response, provide feedback on the following questions:

  1. Is the description of the language demands clear? Does it match the definitions/examples offered in the resources? If not, how could the author adjust?
  2. What are other strategies that could be used to support students to understand, develop, and use the language demands? For example, are there other strategies (e.g., word walls) that could be used to promote the language demands?

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