Music analysis and culture

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Prompt: Music has always played a big part in culture and social movements. Billie Holiday’s recording of “Strange Fruit,” a song about lynching, raised awareness about racism despite being banned from the radio after its 1939 release. The YouTube video below gives you some background about that song, please read this entire assignment prior to viewing it. 

(closed captioned)


Prompt: Analyze the song, ‘Strange Fruit’ by Billie Holiday by establishing connections between the song’s lyrics and relevant sociological concepts, terms, or theories. Be sure to use at least one Sociological theory (structural functionalist, social conflict, or symbolic interactionist) in your analysis, along with one scholarly academic resources.


To earn full credit your paper should follow the format below:


Discuss how the lyrics to ‘Strange Fruit’ conveys the depths of racism include sociological concepts as you examine the lyrics. 
Research why this song was banned from the radio (cite this source). Share your thoughts on the impact the song would have had if allowed on the radio during this time in society. (1 paragraph, 5-7 sentences in length)


Identify and analyze which social movement theory: (Conflict Theory or Symbolic Interactionism)- from our course textbook/course materials, that best explains the impact of the song, “Strange Fruit”, and include another song or songs that have motivated social movements or helped to create social change. 
Explain at least one of the songs you identified and the problem(s) that it addressed. Be creative, the song can be old or new, about problems such as wars, women rights, gun control, religious expression, race, social inequality, etc. (1 paragraph, 5-7 sentences in length)


Include other forms of popular culture that have also spurred social movements- choose a current event, news event, podcast or video of your choice that has influenced a social movement today. Use a journal article that helps to explain how the current event, news event, podcast or video you chose, promotes social awareness and social change in society. (1 paragraph of 5-7 sentences)


· Conclusion (1 paragraph, 5-7 sentences in length)- What are your thoughts about the issue/social movement you discussed.


Make sure you include a reference page with at least two sources 
(one must be scholarly) and in text citations- (such as URL/link or article citation, and/or our textbook citations) in MLA format, in the reference page to support your responses and statements. You may use
 to search for articles (scholarly articles, ebooks, videos, etc). Please let me know if you need me to help you find where to learn about in-text citations and referencing your sources properly.


Please submit this assignment on the discussion board. You do not necessarily have to respond to your classmates.


This assignment should be: 2-3 pages min., MLA formatting

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