Philosophy Final Reflections: Module 1 regarding how philosophy factors into your life

Revisit your initial discussion board post from Module 1 regarding how philosophy factors into your life.  Looking at your initial post:

  • What has changed with your answer? 
  • How do you feel about this now?  
  • Do you see the activity of philosophy from a different perspective? Please explain. 
  • Finally, be sure to comment on at least one element that you learned from PHI 2010 that you will use going forward in your own life. 

Your initial post should be between 250-300 words.

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Initial Post from Module 1:

In regard to what is philosophy?  Philosophy, is a field of study, delves into the profound inquiries pertaining to the very essence of being, the acquisition of knowledge, the moral principles that govern human conduct, the nature of objective truth, and the intricate fabric of the universe (Skilleas, 2019). It entails the utilization of critical thinking, reasonable investigation, and introspection of abstract concepts in order to comprehend the fundamental principles that govern our reality (Skilleas, 2019). The significance of philosophy resides in its capacity to cultivate intellectual inquisitiveness, critical thinking, and moral cognizance. Through engaging in profound philosophical discourse, we engage in a process of intellectual refinement, thereby enhancing our cognitive faculties, which in turn empower us to make judicious choices, critically assess propositions, and contemplate diverse viewpoints (Skilleas, 2019).

            The discipline of philosophy serves as a catalyst for critical inquiry, urging individuals to scrutinize the prevailing norms and conventions that govern our existence (Skilleas, 2019). By fostering a spirit of intellectual curiosity, philosophy fosters the advancement of society and the cultivation of novel ideas and breakthroughs (Skilleas, 2019). Furthermore, it delves into the intricacies of moral quandaries, aiding us in traversing moral dilemmas within both our private and professional spheres.

            Throughout the course of my existence, I have discovered that philosophy permeates my daily endeavours in multifarious manners. One notable domain pertains to my approach in the area of decision-making. The incorporation of philosophical tenets such as utilitarianism and deontology significantly shape my cognitive evaluation of prospective consequences and the contemplation of ethical ramifications. This aids me in traversing intricate circumstances and rendering more careful choices. Furthermore, philosophy assumes a significant part in the formation and development of my personal worldview. Through engaging in philosophical reflection, I have cultivated a more profound comprehension of fundamental notions such as existence, consciousness, and morality. Consequently, this has resulted in personal growth and a heightened appreciation of the intricacies inherent in existence.

            Regarding the societal perception of philosophy, it seems to be a rather nuanced situation. Although it undeniably garners regard within scholarly and cognitive spheres, its commendations may not consistently resonate with the broader population (Azizovna, 2020). Certain individuals may perceive philosophy as excessively abstract or detached from pragmatic concerns, thereby potentially developing a detrimental impact on its overall reputation (Azizovna, 2020). Nevertheless, it is imperative to acknowledge the presence of compelling evidence that substantiates the notion that philosophy continues to possess intrinsic worth within the fabric of our societal framework. The enduring existence of philosophy departments within academic institutions across the globe serves as a testament to the enduring fascination and acknowledgment of this discipline (Azizovna, 2020). Furthermore, it is worth noting that a multitude of ethical deliberations and dialogues, which play a pivotal role in shaping public policies and societal conventions, are deeply rooted in philosophical tenets. This underscores the tangible and practical significance of philosophy in our everyday lives.


Azizovna, A. Z. (2020). Role and significance of philosophy in the life of society. Наука, техника и образование, (11 (75)), 39-41.

Skilleas, O. M. (2019). Philosophy and literature: An introduction. Edinburgh University Press.

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