Social Science – Sociology Chapter 15 Assignment: Environmental Problems

It can be overwhelming to contemplate the various environmental problems that we face today.  However, there are many ways we, as a society, and as individuals, can work to address these problems. For this assignment, choose one of the significant issues we face (climate change, food production/pollution, land or water pollution, nuclear waste, etc.) and propose solutions.  You will want to do some additional research that looks into what people are already doing to address this issue. 

Keep the focus on how social policy and individual behavior need to change to address this problem. What do people who are working on this issue propose? Do you think it’s enough? Also, do you think that the solution involves a steady-state society, a scaled-back society, or an expanding society?

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This assignment submission must be between 350-400 words. You are expected to use the APA format for the assignment submission. This includes but is not limited to citations and reference lists. You will be graded on Grammar and structure.  Abstracts are not needed.  All work must be double-spaced and typed using Times New Roman 12-point font.  You must use at least one credible source, which should be referenced in your writing.  Please note: Wikipedia is NOT a credible source. 

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