NR714 Week 7 Assignment Latest November 2018

NR714 Application of Analytic Methods II

Week 7 Assignment

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The purpose of this applicationis to provide the student an opportunity to acquire skills, understanding, and integrative abilities in the area of statistical analysis.


This assignment provides documentation of student ability to meet the following Course Outcomes:

CO9: Analyze qualitative, quantitative, and economic data for the purposes of critical appraisal of evidence (PO #3).

CO10: Evaluate selected statistical methods for the purposes of critical appraisal of evidence (PO #5).

CO11: Differentiate selected statistical methods for the purposes of evidence-based practice quality improvement (PO #5).

CO12: Demonstrate advanced nursing practice skills necessary for outcome assessment, measurement, and evaluation (PO #5).

This assignment is worth a total of 260 points.

Complete all quizzes with 100% accuracy by Sunday11:59 p.m. MT of Week 7 as directed.


1.            To complete this application, you will need to access the following modules located under the Statistics Moduleof your course shell:

a.            Using Concepts of Probability During Evidence Critique (Including Distribution and Central Tendency)

b.            Using Concepts of Variability and Power Analysis During Evidence Critique

c.             Using Confidence Limits and t-test Concepts During Evidence Critique

d.            Using Correlation and Regression Concepts During Evidence Critique

e.            Using Prevalence and Incidence Rate Concepts During Evidence Critique

f.             The Impact of Generalizable Versus Transferrable Data Concepts on the DNP Project

g.            Using Descriptive Statistics for the DNP Project

h.            Appropriate Application of Randomization Techniques

2.            Follow the directions and completion criteria closely. Any questions about this project may be posted in the Q&A forum.


The following are best practices for preparing for this assignment:

1.            Prior to completing each module, review the lessons, reading, and course texts up to this point.

2.            You will complete the corresponding exam found under the Quizzes area of the Course Home.

3.            Each module is worth 32.5points.

4.            You may continue taking the exam until 32.5 points/100% is achieved.

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