PCN807 Week 8 Discussion (dq1+dq2) Latest 2018 November

PCN807 Psychopathology Behavioral Assessment, &  Interventions

Week 8 Discussion

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DQ1 Tyler is a 35-year-old white male with a history of smoking and heroin injection. He was incarcerated at 33 when he was caught breaking and entering. After he was released from prison, he returned home and engaged in further heroin use. Currently on probation, Tyler is receiving methadone treatment and is strongly being pressured to find employment. Because he is unemployed, he receives some insurance coverage from the state. What do you believe are the most significant influences on his treatment emanating from the expectations of the legal, medical, and managed care systems? Why are these more significant than other influences? Support your position.

DQ2 When working with a client who uses marijuana regularly, the outcome expectations of a therapist, probation officer, physician, and administrator of insurance benefits can differ. In addition, the definition each of these professionals might apply to the concept of “minimum criteria for successful treatment” may differ significantly. As a leader, how can you best help your clinicians simultaneously address the diverse needs of these multiple service providers to provide a fully integrated group of services? Support your ideas. How do these ideas and the other concepts presented in this course help frame your dissertation research? Explain.

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