Saint COM520 Module 2 Written Assignment Latest November 2018

COM520 Systems Security Management

Module 2 Written Assignment

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COM520 Written Assignment 2

Assignment: Recommendations for Access Controls

Assignment Requirements

In the lab for Module 1, Configure Active Directory and implement Departmental and User Access

Controls, you defined the groups, users, and listed access controls necessary to fulfill specific access

requirements. In this assignment, you will evaluate how each control affects users’ access to files and

folders. You will also examine how changing access controls can affect your users’ ability to access files

and folders.

Here are the users and groups you defined in the lab:

User Member of Groups

SFuser01 ShopFloor

SFuser02 ShopFloor

SFmanager ShopFloor, Manager

HRuser01 HumanResources

HRuser02 HumanResources

HRmanager HumanResources, Manager

In the lab, you considered access requirements for four folders:

? C:ERPdocuments – This folder will contain miscellaneous shared files for the ERP software.

? C:ERPdocumentsHRfiles – Folder for shared HumanResources user files.

? C:ERPdocumentsSFfiles – Folder for shared ShopFloor user files.

? C:ERPdocumentsMGRfiles – Folder for shared Manager user files.

Here is a suggested list of access controls with basic permissions for each of the four folders your users

will need to access:

Folder Who Can Modify

Who Can Read and


Who Can List Folder


C:ERPdocuments Manager Manager Manager, ShopFloor,


C:ERPdocumentsHRfiles HumanResources Manager,




C:ERPdocumentsSFfiles Manager, ShopFloor Manager, ShopFloor Manager, ShopFloor

C:ERPdocumentsMGRfiles Manager Manager Manager

Based on the requirements stated above, answer the following questions:

1. The access requirements in the table above are based on reference groups. However, should

Windows access controls to implement these requirements be based on groups or individual

users? Explain.

2. How would you provide a human resource (HR) manager with the ability to modify files in

C:ERPdocumentsHRfiles without giving the same ability to other managers?

3. Describe what would happen if you removed HR from the ‘List folder contents’ permission for


4. Describe what would happen if you added Shop Floor to the ‘Modify’ permission for

COM520 Written Assignment 2


Submission Requirements

? Format: Microsoft Word

? Font: Arial, Size 12, Double-Space

? Citation Style: APA Style

? Length: 1–2 pages

Self-Assessment Checklist

? I have explained how access controls affect the ability of different users to access objects.

? I have explained with proper reasoning the impact of changes made in the worksheet on users’

access and which users would encounter problems if the changes were implemented.



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