SOCS185 Week 8 Final Exam Latest 2018 November

Week Final Exam  

Question 1

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(TCO 8) The natural growth rate of a population is derived from the subtraction of the


                crude death rate from the crude birth rate.


                crude birth rate from the crude death rate.


                net death rate from the gross death rate.


                net birth rate from the gross birth rate.


                live fish rate from the gross net weight.






Question 2


(TCO 8) The basic idea behind demographic transition theory is


                population patterns reflect a society’s level of technological development.


                population increase will outstrip the planet’s ability to support us.


                population increase is now mostly in high-income nations.


                population decrease is now mostly in low-income nations.


                population size ebbs and flows between one equilibrium and another.






Question 3


(TCO 3) The concept of modernity refers to changes in social patterns brought on by which of the following?


                The Fall of the Roman Empire


                The Enlightenment


                The Industrial Revolution


                World War I








Question 4


(TCO 3) What is an appropriate criticism of the Logic of Growth arguments?


                It is by no means logical.


                It ignores the globally dramatic increase in population.


                It is unnecessarily pessimistic.


                It assumes that natural resources will always be plentiful.


                No logic, no growth; know logic, know growth.






Question 5


(TCO 8) Which English economist and clergyman warned that rapid population increase would lead to social chaos?


                Fredrick Engles


                Thomas Robert Malthus


                Les Ismore


                Paul Ehrlich


                Ralph Nader






Question 6


(TCO 3) What is a criticism that is sometimes made of Weber’s work?


                The inequality he attributed to alienation actually stems from social bureaucracy.


                The bureaucracy he attributed to alienation actually stems from social inequality.


                The inequality he attributed to bureaucracy actually stems from social alienation.


                The alienation he attributed to bureaucracy actually stems from social inequality.


                The bureaucracy he attributed to inequality actually stems from social alienation.






Question 7


(TCO 3) Which term is used to refer to the ways in which a social movement utilizes such resources as money, political influence, access to the media, and personnel?


                Relative deprivation theory


                Resource deprivation theory


                Relative mobilization theory


                Resource mobilization theory


                Resource relativity theory






Question 8


(TCO 8) Which term refers to material culture changing faster than nonmaterial culture?


                Culture shock


                Culture lag


                Cultural relativity


                Cultural integration


                Cultural relativism






Question 9


(TCO 3) The class-society theory of modernity is based on the ideas of which of the following sociologists?


                Karl Marx


                Max Weber


                Emile Durkheim


                Ferdinand Tonnies


                Linus Scrimmage






Question 10


(TCO 8) Of the various types of social movements, which is least threatening to the status quo?


                Alternative social movements


                Redemptive social movements


                Reformative social movements


                Revolutionary social movements


                Reactionary social movements






Question 11


(TCOs 1, 2, 3, and 4) Identify the four major sociological research designs, give an example of each, and compare and contrast their advantages and disadvantages.














Question 12


(TCOs 3 and 8) You have been asked by a committee of student success coaches to investigate why the rate at which freshman students post to their course threaded discussions is lower than the rate for other groups of students. Explain how the social-conflict perspective would analyze and explain the low posting rate. (In other words, consider the contributing factors that the social-conflict perspective would focus on in trying to explain the reasons for the low rate of students posting to their threads.) Then discuss a solution that a conflict theorist might use to encourage freshman students to post.




Question 13


(TCOs 6 and 7) Contrast mass-society theory with class-society theory and give a criticism of each.









Question 14

(TCOs 3, 4, and 6) Identify and describe the three leadership styles. Provide examples of these styles in society.

Question 15

(TCOs 5, 6, and 8) Identify the four patterns of majority/minority interaction. Discuss the defining characteristics of each pattern, and provide an example for each.

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