W4Discussion -The Healthcare Environment And Financial Statements

The Healthcare Environment And Financial Statements” W4Discussion

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Zelman, W., McCue, M., Millikan, A. & Glick, N. (2014). Financial management of health care organizations: an introduction to fundamental tools, concepts, and applications (4th ed.). Hoboken: NJ: Wiley & Sons. ISBN: 9781118466568





Chapters 6 & 7






W4 Discussion 1: Rate of Return


Healthcare Financial Management



Rate of Return & Net Present Value


When using the IRR approach, when can the internal rate of return be determined simply by dividing the initial outlay by the cash flows?



Will a decision that is based on NPV ever change if it were based on IRR instead?



Why or why not?






Please respond to the initial question by day 5 and be sure to post two additional times to peers and/or instructor by day 7. The initial post by day 5 should be a minimum of 150 words. If you use any source outside of your own thoughts, you should reference that source. Include solid grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and spelling.

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