Week 5 Discussion – Continuous Improvement- Com 201

Week 5 Discussion – Continuous Improvement

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During the previous weeks, you have developed your public speaking skills. As you evaluate your progress at midterm, which one of the skills below do you plan to further develop during the remainder of the term? Thoroughly explain why you selected this skill and share specific actions you will take to further develop it.

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  • Actively listening.
  • Conducting research.
  • Creating an outline.

Respond to at least one of your peers.

Typically, a substantial post consists of 5-7 sentences and a peer response with 2-4 complete sentences. A substantial discussion forum response should make connections to course content, professional experiences, and personal experiences.

Optional: Continue to hone your oral communication skills by submitting your discussion response as a 1-2 minute video or audio recording. Should you choose this option, you will be graded on your responses just as you would if you responded via text only. You will not be graded on your audio or video performance.

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