Business Finance – Management Assignment 4: Professional Introspective and Career Exploration

Please make sure you understand the instructions carefully……. It’s two part of this assignment the first one I would like for you to do a PowerPoint and the second one it a paper I will put my voice on both of them…… Please I need this by Thursday…….

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  • Identify an entry-level or internship career opportunity that best reflects your interests and aptitudes
  • Discover different professional associations to join within the industry
  • Create a narrated presentation and develop an elevator pitch (video) that can be used during a job interview for an internship or entry-level position

In this assignment, now that you’ve discovered your Enneagram personality type and gained greater self-awareness, you will create a presentation that identifies an entry-level position and professional association that relates to your desired career path. Then, you will craft an elevator pitch adapted to the entry-level position that you researched. Your elevator pitch should reflect your skills, unique value proposition, and career goals.


Part I: Record a 3-minute narrated presentation with embedded audio using PowerPoint. 

Note: You will be recording your voice as you narrate your presentation. Your audio must be embedded into the video and not be submitted as a separate file.

  • Slide 1 – Title
    • Create a title for your presentation.
    • Include your name and the due date of the assignment.
  • Slide 2 – Screenshot of an entry-level or internship job posting
    • Research an entry-level job posting or internship on a company or job search website.
    • Explain why you want this job and how it’s a step toward reaching your long-term goals.
  • Slide 3 – Explain what skills the position is looking for and the ones you currently have. Feel free to include the strengths and any additional helpful insights you learned about yourself from your Enneagram test results.
  • Slide 4 – Include a professional association that you would want to join, explain how it relates to the position you’re interested in, and how it aligns with your career goals.
  • Slide 5 – *References for job postings and any images used.

Once you’re finished creating your presentation (slides +  embedded audio narration), export and save your presentation as one video file (.mp4 or .mov). Submitting the audio as a separate file will result in a zero for the “Presentation Narration” portion of your grade.

Tips for Success:

  • Consider writing out a script. A script will help you meet the time limit and ensure you address each requirement of the presentation.
  • Feel free to use images and pictures to illustrate your answers on each slide. Avoid writing paragraphs, but instead include short bullet lists that will help communicate your thoughts.
  • Proofread your slides for spelling typos and grammatical errors.
  • Practice. Practice. Practice. The goal is to become comfortable hearing yourself speak. The more you practice, the more comfortable and confident you’ll feel.

Below is a list of sites to get you started in searching for job postings. Sometimes going directly to the company’s website is the best option to see what’s available.

Part II: Craft an elevator pitch to use if you were called to interview for the position you chose in Part I.

Step 1: First, write out a script for a 45-60 second elevator pitch. The formula you’ll follow is Elevator Pitch = Present + Past + Future + Value Proposition

  • The Present
    • Introduce your full name, your status as a student, and any additional information that is current and relevant to the position you’re applying for.
    • Example 1: “Hello, my name is _____ and I’m currently studying Digital Marketing at Full Sail University. I’m also a member of DECA, our business competition club on campus.
    • Example 2: “My name is ______ and I’m studying Music Business at Full Sail University. In my spare time, I also play guitar and share my music on YouTube and Soundcloud.

  • The Past
    • Provide a statement about a past experience that demonstrates your work ethic or relates to the position you’re interested in.
    • Example 1: “Last summer I competed in the Collegiate DECA State Competition where my team won 1st place in the Marketing Management category.”
    • Example 2: “I had an opportunity to volunteer backstage at Coachella two years ago. It was an amazing experience that deepened my passion for the music business and allowed me to gain on-site experience.”

  • The Future + PVP (Personal Value Proposition)
    • Communicate your desired outcome for the interview and your value proposition. Your value proposition is a statement of your strengths and what you will achieve/accomplish for the company. Remember, you want to prove how you can benefit the company, not just what you will gain from being hired. Providing a specific example of a task you will fulfill for them is a great way to show the value you can bring to the company.
    • Example 1: “I’m looking for a position with an advertising agency where I can use my creativity and analytical skills to create commercials that ultimately convert viewers into paying customers.”
    • Example 2: “I’m interested in this internship because I want to broaden my knowledge about the music business and gain more concert production experience. As a detail-oriented team player, I will ensure that the crew is kept up-to-date about schedule changes and has all the equipment they need to produce an exciting experience for our audience.

Step 2: Rehearse your elevator pitch. Practice saying it out loud to a friend or in front of a mirror.

Step 3: Record your elevator pitch on video.

  • Your elevator pitch should be between 45-60 seconds long.
  • Use your computer, iPad, smartphone, or DSLR camera to record it.
  • You must appear on camera for the entire video.
  • Talk and look directly into the camera, as if you were speaking to an interviewer.
  • Dress professionally as if you were attending a real interview.

Tips for Success:

  • Practice. Practice. Practice. Give yourself enough time to practice and don’t rush through your elevator pitch. Don’t worry about sounding unnatural because it’s better to sound a bit scripted than come off as unprepared in an interview setting.
  • Lighting: Use enough light to ensure that your face is well lit and visible on camera, without any shadows. You can use a lighting kit, desk lamp, or even natural sunlight from the window. Avoid sitting with your back to a window or you will appear “backlit,” meaning the sunlight will cast a silhouette shadow around you, making it hard to see your face on camera.
  • Background: Be mindful of the space behind you. If you choose to record with a wall behind you, keep at least 2-3 ft of space between you and the wall. Remove anything that may cause distract
  • Minimize Background Sounds: Record your video in a quiet environment to minimize background noise and distractions.
  • Your Posture: Sit up straight and try not to slouch when recording your elevator pitch. Maintaining good posture while you record will help you project and pronounce your words more clearly.
  • You’ve Got This: Smile, express enthusiasm, and don’t forget to breathe! Remember, you want to leave a lasting impression to get hired. You can do it!


PART I: Presentation Requirements (one 3-minute video) POWERPOINT 

Your presentation must be saved as a video file (“.mp4 or “.mov”). Audio narration must be included in your video.

PART II: Elevator Pitch Requirements (one 45-60 second video) PAPER

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