DEP2004 Module 6 Midterm Quiz Latest 2018 December

Module 6 Midterm Exam

•             Question 1

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                The increase in cosleeping in Western nations over the past two decades is likely associated with                                                                            

•             Question 2

                An estimated 20,000 to 25,000 __________ lie along the human chromosome.                                                                                

•             Question 3



                __________ explains why some children growing up in difficult circumstances thrive, while others are less successful.                                                                                         

•             Question 4



                Dr. Winchester’s research involves the organization and interpretation of what we see. Dr. Winchester studies                                                                                

•             Question 5

                Children who believe that people’s personality traits are __________ rather than __________ readily form prejudices on the basis of limited information.                                  


•             Question 6


                The __________ attachment pattern occurs before separation, these infants seek closeness to the parent and often fail to explore.                                     



•             Question 7



                Sensitive caregiving is                                   



•             Question 8



                The ectoderm will become the                                 


•             Question 9

                Babies’ earliest emotional life consists of                                             


•             Question 10



                A __________ is a complex blend of genetic information that determines the species and influences unique characteristics.                                 



•             Question 11



                Dr. Thomas recognizes that the infant’s emotional tie to the caregiver is an evolved response that promotes survival. Dr. Thomas accepts the __________ theory of attachment.                                    


•             Question 12



                Which of the following statements about self-esteem is true?                                  



•             Question 13



                The sensorimotor stage is Piaget’s __________ period of development.                                             



•             Question 14




•             Question 15



                The period of the embryo                                           



•             Question 16



                __________ is considered the founder of the child study movement.                                                                                  

•             Question 17

                Which of the following statements about gender and identity is true?                                   



•             Question 18

                According to Piaget, organization in children…                                   



•             Question 19

                Baby Olivia retrieves a stuffed sheep that her mother has hidden under a blanket. Olivia has begun to master                                   


•             Question 20



                Fraternal twins are created when                                            


•             Question 21

                By focusing on the shift from a novelty preference to a familiarity preference, researchers can use habituation to assess                                  


•             Question 22

                Implantation usually takes place in the                                  



•             Question 23



                In middle childhood, the __________ becomes an increasingly important context for development.                                                                                     

•             Question 24



                __________ promotes both parents’ sensitivity and involvement and children’s attachment security, but it is particularly important for fathers.                                                                                           

•             Question 25



                __________ is the simplest form of memory, whereas __________ involves remembering something not present.                                                                                              

•             Question 26



                Vygotsky’s Sociocultural Theory focuses on                                        



•             Question 27



                Recent evidence indicates                                          



•             Question 28



                Which of the following theories emphasizes one course of development?                                          


•             Question 29

                What occurs during the eighth month of pregnancy?                                     


•             Question 30

                __________ is concerned with the adaptive, or survival, value of behavior and its evolutionary history.                                               


•             Question 31

                The amnion is surrounded by the __________.                                               



•             Question 32



                The ability to observe or test the same individuals or groups repeatedly at different points in their lives refers to a __________ design.                                     



•             Question 33


                Children use their current schemes to interpret the external world using a process known as                                     


•             Question 34



                Dr. Fox believes that infants and preschoolers respond to the world in much the same way as adults do. This is consistent with the __________ view of development.                                              


•             Question 35



                Chemical reactions throughout the body are triggered by __________.                                               



•             Question 36



                Each human body is made up of trillions of units called                                  



•             Question 37



                Generally, there are 23 matching pairs of human __________ .                                &nbs

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