Persuasion- C4MGT420

Persuasion- C4MGT420

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When you have finished carefully reading these materials, write a 3- to 4-page paper (which means not less than 3 full pages) addressing the following issues:

1. Which of the principles of persuasion did you select as the most useful in your daily life? 

2. Based on the ideas about persuasion that you read about in the background readings, write a memo (at least one page) to your employees trying to persuade them to spend the next two weekends volunteering at a shelter for homeless veterans. This memo shouldn’t be an “order” that they need to work on the weekend, but rather an attempt to persuade them to do so. Make sure to use the general concepts from Schachter (2021); Nijssen et al., (2023); or Oswald et al. Bring at least 3 of these scholarly readings into your assignment. 

3. Conclude your paper with a discussion of how your memo applied the concepts from the background materials. Be specific as to what sources you used and what sections of your memo were influenced by which source.

· Case Assignments are to be prepared in Microsoft Word and should be 4 to 5 pages, in addition to a cover page (course name and number, module number, session name, student name, and date prepared) and a reference list. The paper should be double-spaced, using 12 pt. type in Times New Roman font. It should consist of a 3- to 4-sentence introduction, a body that contains a properly formatted heading and discussion for each of the 3 questions, and a 3- to 4-sentence conclusion, and use Trident University International’s cover page. The reference list page must be in APA format, current edition, and contain 3 scholarly references (high-quality journal articles or textbooks).

· Assignment content should include a brief introduction to the assignment, background information about the organization being studied, and discussion in terms of the concepts or theories being applied in the assignment.

· Use headings and subheadings to improve presentation values.

· Include both a 
References page and in-text citations. Attention is to be given to citing sources of information in-text as well as in the 
References page at the end of the paper. 

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