Update on Attorney General’s web assignment

Update on Attorney General’s web assignment:

The Web Site for the Attorney General has changed. Therefore here is what I suggest we do for the assignment.

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1.     Review the Attorney General’s website to find the following resources and then write directions for the public to be able to find the information on the current set up of the site.

2.     If you are hiring employees for a long term care facility or assisted living facility how would you be sure that the people you are hiring are not sexual predators using this site?

3.     Imagine you have gone to visit someone in a care facility and are suspecting abuse. How would you use this site to begin to find out how to make a report and to whom?

4.     What consumer information is available to avoid scams on this site? What is listed as possible scams and what action is suggested?

5.     Are the search engines within the site likely to be useful for all people?  Is the information displayed so that the elderly will be able to use that information easily? What would you suggest could be improved?

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