Was there a difference with media coverage about your topic in other parts of the world?

Open both pdfs in 11 eastern time 

For this part of the project, you’re going to continue using the same topic/event that was used in Capstone Part #1 and do a compare-and-contrast case study. It will require you to view your topic from three different angles: locally, nationally, and globally.  Your case study should be written in APA style, have 800 words, and compare and contrast your topic with how it was portrayed from a local, national, and global standpoint.

JUST TO CLARIFY: For this assignment, the local news is where the event took place. For example, the local news coverage for the Columbine school shooting that occurred in 1999 will be Columbine, CO. National news for the event can be any other news coverage that covered the event in the USA including Miami, and the global news will be any country outside of the USA regardless of the native language of the country that covered the event, including Canada, UK, Spain, etc. 

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· Was there a difference with media coverage about your topic in other parts of the world?

· Were the reactions from media consumers varied in other parts of the world?

· Did different movements happen in other parts of the world based on the topic/event?

· What were the similarities?

· What were the differences?

DO NOT include the questions within your case study and do not summarize the event.

Directions for Capstone Project Part 2: Case Study (15%):

 Word count for the body of the essay: 800. Going under or over the word count will be counted against your overall grade for the assignment.

· Times New Roman 12pt. font double-spaced.

· Must be written in third person. DO NOT include yourself or your name in the essay.

· Needs to be in APA style: A cover page, running header, citations within the body of the essay, and a reference page at the end.

· Submit it as a Word document ONLY.

· Paragraphs should have proper punctuation, grammar, and structure. Practice the proper writing skills you learned in ENC 1101 & ENC 1102.

· You will need to do substantial research to support your claims before you start writing.

· View rubric to meet the expectations of the assignment.

· Similarity index within TurnItIn should be 25% or lower. Higher similarity indexes will receive an automatic zero.

· Students are 
NOT allowed to submit work completed in other courses. This is called self-plagiarism and it is in violation of FIU’s Student Conduct and Honor Code.


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