Description of the Organization and Surrounding Community

Final Summary Paper

All Interns will compile the information from their Internship field experience skill performance activities into a formal paper. It represents the culmination of the internship experience and is based on the experiences you have completed.  This is a scholarly effort of a minimum of 6 pages. Writing is to be at the graduate level and should meet A.P.A. standards/guidelines. The written portion of the assignment must contain the following headings and sections:

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Your paper will be organized as follows with the subtitles given:

Title Page: Final Summary Paper

Description of the Organization and Surrounding Community

Describe the organization and organization’s constituency.  Try to help the reader understand the facilities, students, teachers, staff, local School/District, and the surrounding community.

Summary of Internship Performance Activities and Experiences

Using the Skill Area Activities, Vision and Community Projects discuss in depth the activities and experiences.  Begin each of the activities as a new paragraph with a header.

Discussing things such as:

A. CONCRETE EXPERIENCE 1. What did I do? Where? When? For how long? Why? 2. How many other people were involved? Is my role, responsibility and contribution clear from that of the group or committee? 3. What was the extent of my involvement? 4. What techniques, methods, or procedures did I use? Why? 5. What were my goals and objectives? How did they influence my approach? 6. What resources did I use?

B. OBSERVATIONS AND REFLECTIONS 1. What were my thought processes? What were the considerations, decisions, and rationale? 2. What did I notice? Trends? Patterns? Differences? Similarities? 3. What was important, significant, different, and unique? 4. What worked and what did not work? 5. What can I say in retrospect? 6. What relationships have I noticed? …should be used to guide your discussion in this section.

Linking Theory and Practice

Using the Skill Area Insight Journals and Visioning and Policy Project analyze your experiences using concepts, principles, and examples from the content of your courses to structure your discussion.  Use your State Competencies to give breadth and depth to your discussion.  Each experience starts as a new paragraph and briefly restates the activity and results. Include a minimum of one (1) citation for each of the performance activities comparing what was observed to what “should be” as found in the course materials/citations. 


1. What did you get out of the experience?

2. How has this experience affected your decision to be an Educational Leader?

3. What recommendations do you have to improve, change or enhance the experience for future students?

Minimum of 5 scholarly references

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