Emerging Technologies: Identify an emerging technology used in marketing

Identify an emerging technology used in marketing and write a blog and a report 

This module allows you to explore few new digital technology trends that businesses and organisations need to put into practice to enhance their market competitiveness by creating short- and long-term growth opportunities in the marketplace. As a marketer in a digital world, it is important to stay up to date with contemporary trends and developments, taking an active interest in potential future advancements. So based on the learnings of this course, choose an emerging technology for your blog and a brand or one of United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for your report which you are keen to explore in more detail and complete the following two tasks.

500-word blog post

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Identify an emerging technology used in marketing (such as AI, NLP, Sensor Tech, Robotics, IoT, blockchain, Chat GPT) which interests you, and write a 500-word personal reflection on your chosen area, using the context of your chosen brand or one of the areas of UN’s 17 SDGs. You will need to include a summary of the chosen technology, your own personal reflections on it, and how it could be applied within the sector/SDGs for marketing.

2,000-word report

▪ Take two new emerging tactics (disciplines) of digital marketing (being data-driven / being predictive / being contextual / being augmented/being agile). How could they be applied to your chosen brand/SDG?

▪ First, explain why you have chosen these two disciplines for your brand/SDG.

▪ Analyse the current situation for the brand. The brand/SDG is currently using which tactic(s)? Map out your idea

visually and support it with existing research.

▪ Explore how your chosen two disciplines can support the marketing efforts of the brand/SDG differently than currently

employed by the brand/SDG.

▪ In the light of what you have learned in the course, what would you suggest to your brand/SDG for their next

marketing tactics? Which technologies would you recommend them? How? Why?

The report should be written in a distinctive style to the blog post, highlighting current research in the area, using critical analysis to discuss your ideas, including references you have used. Also use visuals to support your suggestions. Think creatively and apply your learning to the brand/SDG you have chosen.

Essential Reading List

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O’Neill, M. (2023). Future hackers: The indispensable guide for curious minds. Flint.

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